DataCentres Ireland 2023

Join us for this year’s edition of DataCentres Ireland – The Country’s Largest Data Centre Event!Taking place on November 22nd and 23rd, 2023, in Dublin, this event marks its 13th year of gathering industry experts, innovators, and enthusiasts from the Irish data sector. DataCentres Ireland 2023 is the ultimate hub for all aspects of planning, […]

Hygiene Certified Fire Dampers

Experience Safety and Hygiene with Rf-T Ventilation and air conditioning systems in multi-story residential housing, office buildings, hospitals and specific production facilities demand the highest level of hygiene and safety. At Rf-Technologies, we understand the importance of meeting these stringent requirements, which is why we offer a range of fire dampers that have undergone rigorous testing and […]

New classifications make Rf-t’s SC+ Butterfly Valves unique in the market

Rf Technologies introduces these new additions, resulting in an unparalleled offering in the market. Our SC+ butterfly valves already possess the most comprehensive classifications in the market, and these latest developments mean that you can now generate even more configurations with our butterfly valves, setting us apart as truly unique in the market. Here are the key […]

CR60 fire damper sets a new benchmark

The CR60 is a very light and versatile circular fire damper that sets a new benchmark in its category. Designed to perform, the CR60 allows an optimal free air passage and acoustic performance. A minimal pressure loss is guaranteed thanks to the thin blade, the fusible link aligned with the blade, and the transmission located […]

The new VRE smoke control damper

The new VRE is a circular E600 single compartment smoke control damper with a fire resistance of 60 and 120 minutes, available in diameters from 100 to 630 mm. The VRE damper is suitable for remote-mounting and available in a “C10.000” or “Cmod” version for combination with comfort ventilation or variable air volume control. Smoke evacuation shutters […]

Prevention of smoke spread: consequences for ventilation and fire dampers

Together with BBN (Brandveilig Bouwen Nederland), a Dutch expert association aiming to improve the fire safety of buildings, Rf-Technologies published a white paper that takes a closer look at the new requirements with regard to the prevention of smoke spread and the consequences for ventilation and fire dampers in particular. The mentioned requirements are applicable […]

Kamouflage product range extended with motorized version ME

Our Kamouflage smoke control shutter now has a motorized version (Kamouflage ME), allowing the shutter to be reset remotely. The main benefit is that operating tests can be simplified and executed in a very efficient way. The Kamouflage product range  distinguished by its aesthetic finish, its air tightness and its superior thermal and acoustic insulation. Its external […]

White paper on the classification criteria for Smoke Control Dampers

This whitepaper explains how to read and understand the terminology of classification criteria for smoke control dampers. What is the meaning and use of all the orientation and installation suffixes, and what is the difference between ‘vew‘-classification and ‘ved‘-classified Smoke Control Dampers (SCD’s) in builders work ducts. The set of standards for Smoke Control Dampers, […]

BIM files Kamouflage and Avantage available on MEPcontent

The BIM files for the Kamouflage and Avantage smoke shutters are now also available on the dedicated Rf-Technologies MEPcontent page. Smoke shutters of the Kamouflage series have an aesthetic finish as well as a high air-tightness and thermal and acoustic insulation. Its plasterboard panel replaces the finishing grill and enables a decorative finish to be applied […]

Kamouflage. A perfect combination of function and design

Awarded by the French Institute of Design, the Kamouflage shutter is a unique product that combines design and functionality, and fits discreetly into any wall thanks to a minimalist facade. The front plate and the aluminum profile of this smoke control shutter can be covered, making the shutter invisible in the wall where it is […]

MG-U. A new U/U fire-resistant collar designed for cost-efficiency Rf-Technologies recently launched the new MG-U fire collar with uncapped/uncapped (U/U) classification and a unique design offering many advantages for installers. Like all fire protection products, collars are subjected to strict testing. The latest European test standards specify that only collars tested according to EN 1366-3 can be approved for use. For the correct […]

Launching our new BIM object library

Continuing our engagement to go that ‘extra mile’ for our customers, Rf-Technologies has launched a new BIM object library. This comprehensive library embeds key product and asset data and 3D models for a large range of fire dampers, butterfly dampers, smoke control dampers and shutters. With an increasing number of customers already embracing BIM and […]

ZENiX-100 master: a versatile controller

The ZENiX-100 controller is at the very heart of the ZENiX system: it monitors and controls all fire and smoke control dampers and shutters, manages all inputs and outputs as well as all participants in the network. The programming and operation software are embarked in the ZENiX-100. At the heart of the system can be […]

Putting sandwich panels to the test

Previous slide Next slide Being a crucial part of the combined solution delivered by Hilti, Paroc Panel System and Rf-Technologies, a large 3 by 2m setup of multiple CU2 fire dampers in Paroc sandwich panels has been tested at the Warringtonfire test lab in Ghent. Per EN1366-2, the European test standard for fire dampers, a […]

Avantage MP, the state-of-the art reference in smoke control shutters

Rf-Technologies has launched a new motorized version of the Avantage smoke control shutter, bringing the product to the same state of technology as the Kamouflage MP. The very successful Kamouflage has, since its launch in 2019, set new benchmarks in its product category. The Avantage MP builds on this success by introducing significant improvements such […]

ZENiX bus communication: reliable and cost-efficient

Like all building automation systems, the ZENiX system relies on bus communication. The bus line is the physical connection between all devices and the master controller. The ZENiX system distinguishes itself from the competition by its simplicity, reliability, intelligence, and cost efficiency. Replacing hard-wired systems by bus-based communication in a building is a smart thing […]

Markage FD – XS to XXL slimline fire compartmentation

The new MARKAGE FD is a rectangular multi-blade fire damper classified as EI90S, designed for wall mounting in both lightweight and rigid walls. Its slimline design, without protruding damper blades, makes it an excellent choice for installations with restricted space and high air flow demands. Available in sizes ranging from small to very large (up […]

CRS60. The new fire damper for on-wall & remote installation Rf-Technologies is introducing the CRS60, a new EIS60 circular fire damper designed for on-wall and remote installation, primarily targeting the Scandinavian market. The CRS60 showcases a smart design that not only ensures exceptional aeraulic and acoustic performance but also enhances safety, simplifies installation, and provides maximum flexibility for installers. The CRS60 damper’s optimized design […]

Hygiene tested and certified fire dampers

More than anywhere else, ventilation and air conditioning systems in hospitals and other highly sensitive areas of health care, need to meet critical hygiene and safety requirements. Since every component in the HVAC system needs to comply to these stringent requirements, Rf-Technologies has a range of tested and certified fire dampers carrying a ‘Hygiene Tested’ label. […]

SC-S, a new lightweight fire damper cartridge for suspended ceilings

Rf-Technologies is introducing the CRS60, a new EIS60 circular fire damper designed for on-wall and remote installation, primarily targeting the Scandinavian market. The CRS60 showcases a smart design that not only ensures exceptional aeraulic and acoustic performance but also enhances safety, simplifies installation, and provides maximum flexibility for installers.

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