Avantage MP, the state-of-the art reference in smoke control shutters

Rf-Technologies has launched a new motorized version of the Avantage smoke control shutter, bringing the product to the same state of technology as the Kamouflage MP. The very successful Kamouflage has, since its launch in 2019, set new benchmarks in its product category. The Avantage MP builds on this success by introducing significant improvements such as a more powerful motor, higher specifications, and additional options to improve the aesthetics of a fully certified smoke control shutter with a grill.

The Avantage MP is a motorised and CE marked smoke control shutter that can be perfectly integrated in many smoke control systems. It is certified in accordance with EN12101-8, suitable for vertical mounting in ducts, including concrete ducts. Offering 60 or 120 minutes fire resistance at minimum pressure loss, it is classified as suitable for multi-compartment applications. In addition, Avantage MP has a C10.000 cycling classification, which means it can be used in combined smoke control and environmental, energy saving ventilation systems. It opens to supply and release air or to evacuate smoke in emergency situations whilst maintaining its fire resistant integrity in standby position.

The Avantage MP is designed for use in:

  • Pressure Differential Systems (PDS): e.g. pressurising staircases
  • Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilation Systems (SHEVS): ventilating protected lobbies and corridors, either naturally or mechanically, or a combination of both
  • Energy saving systems combined with PDS or SHEVS: e.g. night cooling systems

Smoke control shutters and dampers are suitable for use in ventilating protected lobbies, via builders work ducts or proprietary ducting systems, venting to shafts, either naturally or mechanically. They open to evacuate smoke in emergency situations whilst maintaining fire-resistant integrity in standby position.

damper door

Lock + key

Aluminium frame


Junction box

Product identification

Drive linkage

Product features & benefits
  • optimal smoke control shutter thanks to higher free air passage and minimal pressure loss
  • superior air tightness (tested at 1500 Pa)
  • optimal net passage, minimum pressure drop
  • easy to install thanks to optional mounting frame (EASY KAP ME / MP or EASY KGC ME / MP) and its light weight (≤ 35 kg)
  • maintenance-free
  • large range of standard sizes
  • tested in accordance with EN 1366-10
  • compliant with standards EN 12101-8
  • suitable for use as air release and air supply vents in EN12101-6 PDS Systems
  • suitable for air supply and smoke control vent in SHEVS-systems according to EN 12101-8
  • suitable for use fitted into European classified fire compartment elements, builders work ducts & propriety ducting systems
  • suitable for hanging styles left or right-handed
  • simple operating tests through remote opening and resetting by an actuator
  • installation at minimal distances

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