ZENiX bus communication: reliable and cost-efficient

Like all building automation systems, the ZENiX system relies on bus communication. The bus line is the physical connection between all devices and the master controller. The ZENiX system distinguishes itself from the competition by its simplicity, reliability, intelligence, and cost efficiency.

Replacing hard-wired systems by bus-based communication in a building is a smart thing to do. It reduces the number of cables drastically, thus reducing the fire load in the building and the cable and wiring cost. And it becomes much easier to add additional devices onto the bus. Using a bus-based system will significantly speed up the programming of the system, again reducing the total cost.

Thanks to the bus communication, the ZENiX controller can continuously monitor the devices, and ensure a quick and effective reaction to changes. The ZENiX system allows defining specific compartmentation zones, program a matrix of scenarios depending on priorities, inputs, and outputs.

ZENiX: smart use of bus communication

By intelligent use of the bus protocol, the ZENiX communication system provides a high level of noise (EMC) immunity. This means that other power cables and other electro-magnetic interference sources will have limited to no effect on the data communication between devices and the ZENiX master. The bus cable requirements are basic: a 4-wire data cable (we recommend a 2x2x0.8mm²), preferably with 4 distinct colours (type KNX for example: black, red, white and yellow). No specific costly shielded cable is needed.


Using 4 colored wires also saves installation time and reduces the chances of wiring mistakes.
The bus cable includes its own 24V power, generated by the ZENiX master. This allows the ZENiX-100 controller to monitor the bus network, even if there is no power on the field devices. An accidental power loss on the field devices could also trigger an output by the ZENiX controller to shut off air handling units.

Having its own bus power, the ZENiX-100 controller can also perform a data point check at any time, as long as the bus cable is connected. In other words, you don’t need external power on all devices on the building site to check the bus cabling, identify all participants and monitor them.

During the data point check, the ZENiX-100 controller can identify and locate potential wiring mistakes. We recommend installing the bus cabling in a ring to ensure redundancy. In that case, the bus cable starts and ends at the controller. In a ring set-up, the controller will communicate with the participants in both directions. If communication is interrupted somewhere along the bus, the controller will reroute the communication so that all components remain operated. However, a line set-up for the bus is also possible.


Product features and benefits regarding the ZENiX bus technology

  • Reliable bus communication system with high noise immunity
  • Cost-efficient: no special shielding required for the bus cable
  • Simple: 4 colored connectors repeated on every ZENiX module to reduce wiring mistakes to a minimum
  • Intelligent: the ZENiX system has its own bus power, allowing to read out and monitor devices even if the power on the devices is interrupted

Do you need fireproof cabling? The bus cabling does not necessarily have to be fire-resistant. The choice of fire-resistant cabling depends on the application (compartmentation, smoke control, …), local regulations, and the system’s programming.


The ZENiX system

ZENiX is a full-fledged monitoring and controlling system for fire dampers, smoke control dampers and shutters. It is permanently monitoring the status of all components in the network, adapting if required. In case of fire alarm it will execute the pre-defined scenarios and report changes in various ways.


The ZENiX system is very flexible: it can be used for basic fire scenarios using a pre-programmed solution, but also for multiple matrix-based fire scenarios. ZENiX allows to:

  • monitor both motorised (24 and 230V) and mechanical dampers
  • monitor and control fire dampers, smoke control dampers and shutters
  • generate outputs to other systems (like f.i. a BMS) and to other HVAC components

Discover more about the ZENiX system and all its components in the general ZENiX product brochure. Or visit the Controllers product page on our main website to find technical and other relevant information about every component of the ZENiX controlling system.


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