Kamouflage product range extended with motorized version ME

Our Kamouflage smoke control shutter now has a motorized version (Kamouflage ME), allowing the shutter to be reset remotely. The main benefit is that operating tests can be simplified and executed in a very efficient way.

The Kamouflage product range  distinguished by its aesthetic finish, its air tightness and its superior thermal and acoustic insulation. Its external face consists of a plasterboard which allows to apply a decorative finish in harmony with the adjacent wall. It is also available finished with the painted or anodized frame and the leaf covered with a cover plate (= option ‘Atout’).

The Kamouflage ME is available in a single leaf version (1V) for installation in the vertical wall of smoke extraction ducts. Developed according to the European product standard EN 12101-8 and tested according to the EN 1366-10 standard, Kamouflage has a fire resistance of 60 or 120 minutes and offers a minimum pressure drop. The smoke extraction dampers are intended for smoke extraction from establishments open to the public (ERP), high-rise buildings (IGH), very high-rise buildings (ITGH) and residential buildings.

They open locally to evacuate the smoke in the circulations in the event of fire and keep the fire stop in the standby position (closed).


Product features & benefits

  • aesthetic solution without grille
  • modern aesthetic: either finished product in white or aluminum lacquered appearance, or shutter for dressing, painting or upholstering according to your choice
  • simple operating tests thanks to remote reset
  • optimal net section and minimum pressure drop
  • sealing in the upper air (tested under 1500 Pa)
  • thermal and acoustic insulation
  • easy installation thanks to the optional pre-frame (EASY KAP ME / MP or EASY KGC ME / MP)
  • large dimensions
  • tested in accordance with EN 1366-10
  • compliant with standards EN 12101-8, NF S 61937-1 and NF S 61937-10
  • approved for mounting in sand-lime conduits, “Staff” plaster, Tecniver, Glasroc, concrete
  • reversible (hinges on left or right)
  • maintenance-free

Awarded by the French Institute of Design (Janus de l ‘Industrie), the Kamouflage shutter is a unique product that combines design and functionality, and fits discreetly into any wall thanks to a minimalist facade. Our customers appreciate the design and the aesthetic approach of this product dealing in an innovative way with the strong technical and regulatory constraints. Kamouflage, without an apparent front grille, meets the needs of architectural integration in establishments open to the public and the constraints of fire safety, efficiency and maintenance of smoke extraction dampers. The cover plate and the aluminum profile can be covered, making the shutter invisible in the wall where it is installed. In addition, the insulation layer at the back of the cover plate and the gasket provide reinforced thermal insulation which contributes to meeting the objectives set by the 2012 Thermal Regulations and the BBC construction. The ergonomics of the shutter makes it very accessible and facilitates its maintenance. The fire resistance of the Kamouflage shutters reaches 60 or 120 minutes, in accordance with the new European standards applicable from February 2013.

Go to the Kamouflage ME product page on our website to find all relevant information and documents of this new product: range and dimensions, operation and mechanisms, options and kits, installation and classification.


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