CRS60. The new fire damper for on-wall & remote installation

Rf-Technologies is introducing the CRS60, a new EIS60 circular fire damper designed for on-wall and remote installation, primarily targeting the Scandinavian market. The CRS60 showcases a smart design that not only ensures exceptional aeraulic and acoustic performance but also enhances safety, simplifies installation, and provides maximum flexibility for installers.

The CRS60 damper’s optimized design features the thinnest damper blade available on the market, guaranteeing optimal air passage and minimal pressure loss. Its compact collar and short damper tunnel (210mm) enable swift and effortless mounting, both for on-wall and remote applications. Adding another layer of safety is the ONE actuator by Rf-Technologies, which incorporates an active mechanical fuse even when not connected to mains power. Furthermore, a second electrical fuse activates in case of an out-of-duct fire.

The newly launched CRS60 damper is currently offered in diameters ranging from 100mm to 630mm, with the option of a Belimo actuator as well.

Product features & benefits

  • optimal free air passage & minimal pressure losses
  • optimal acoustic performance
  • hassle-free installation
  • maximum designer flexibility
  • extra safety layer with ONE actuator
  • lower power consumption
  • suitable for mounting remote from wall & floor
  • air-tightness class C according to EN1751
  • suitable for mounting on rigid wall/floor and flexible wall (metal stud gypsum cardboard wall)
  • tested according to EN 1366-2 at 300 Pa
  • maintenance-free
  • for indoor applications
  • P-marking / SundaHus
  • BIM data available

Contact us for more information about range and dimensions, operation and mechanisms, options and kits, installation and classification.


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