Avoid rejections during fire inspections.

No Horizontal Metal Studs Needed:

Tested on a standard 100mm gypsum board wall

Contrary to traditional practices, our fire dampers have proven that they can be installed without horizontal metal studs, eliminating the risk of installation rejection.

Minimum Distances

When sealing with standard plaster or hard mineral wool panels, it is possible to install the fire damper at a shorter distance from the ceiling.

Tested according to EN 1366-2

This standard specifies the test methods for fire dampers. It includes performance criteria for fire resistance and integrity of fire dampers under various conditions.

♦ Our trusted classifications are now also available without the placement of horizontal metal studs.
♦ Installation of the fire damper without the placement of horizontal metal studs is possible provided that a coating is applied to the tunnel.

For the above-mentioned installation methods, it is not necessary from a fire safety perspective to apply reinforcement profiles around the wall opening.

However, the wall as a whole must always meet the stability requirements of the wall system manufacturer.

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