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Introduction: Rf-Technologies is at the forefront of designing and delivering innovative products that offer efficient passive fire protection. Our comprehensive range includes round fire dampers, square fire dampers, fire damper cartridges, smoke control dampers, field controllers &  fire rated grills. We cater to diverse sectors across Europe, ensuring fire safety in commercial and institutional buildings such as offices, hospitals, museums, multi-family housing, public buildings, and shopping centers.

Efficient Passive Fire Protection Products:

  1. Fire Dampers: Our fire dampers are meticulously crafted to prevent the spread of fire within ductwork systems, effectively preserving the integrity of fire-resistant barriers.

  2. Fire Damper Cartridges (Butterfly Fire Dampers): Our state-of-the-art fire damper cartridges offer enhanced fire protection by swiftly closing off ventilation systems in the event of a fire, minimizing the risk of fire propagation.

  3. Smoke Control Dampers: Rf-Technologies’ smoke control dampers are designed to manage and restrict the movement of smoke, ensuring the safety and well-being of building occupants during fire incidents.

  4. Field Controllers: Our advanced field controllers empower users to monitor and control motorized fire and smoke dampers with precision, providing real-time situational awareness and seamless integration with fire safety systems.

  5. Fire Rated Grills: Our fire rated grills combine aesthetic appeal with exceptional fire resistance, offering both protection and ventilation capabilities in a wide range of building applications.

  6. Fire Resistant Collars and Fire-Resistant Sealing Materials: Rf-Technologies offers a comprehensive selection of fire resistant collars and high-quality sealing materials that effectively prevent the spread of fire through openings, ensuring reliable compartmentation and enhanced fire safety.

Fire safety is paramount in any building, especially in preventing fire spread. A critical component for maintaining fire resistance in ductwork is the fire damper. This article explores the fire damper’s working mechanism and its crucial role in preserving fire-resistance ratings.

Fire Damper Defined: A specialized device designed to block fire propagation through ductwork in fire-resistant walls and floors, fire dampers seal off ducts, preventing fire spread.

Working Principle: During normal ventilation system operation, the fire damper blade remains open for airflow. In a fire, it swiftly closes via an automatic mechanism triggered by a fusible link.

Temperature Sensing and Activation: When duct temperature exceeds around 72°C, the fusible link activates, causing the fire damper blades to seal the duct and block the fire’s path, preventing spread.

Remote Control and Motorized Models: Some fire dampers offer enhanced functionality with remote control or motorization, closing upon receiving signals from fire safety systems like smoke detectors for rapid response.

Maintenance of Compartmentation: Closed fire dampers maintain compartmentation, dividing the building into fire-resistant compartments, containing fires within specific areas.

Conclusion: At Rf-Technologies, we are committed to innovation and excellence in passive fire protection solutions. Our extensive product range, encompassing fire dampers, smoke control systems, field controllers, fire rated grilles, fire collars, and more, ensures optimal fire safety for various commercial and institutional buildings throughout Europe. Take advantage of our cutting-edge technologies and gain access to pricing information by creating your personal login today. Join us in creating a safer environment, where fire is kept at bay and innovation thrives. Fire dampers are essential for fire safety, sealing ducts and preventing fire spread. With automatic closing and compatibility with fire safety systems, they respond swiftly to high temperatures. Understanding their role enhances fire safety for building owners and occupants. 

Access Pricing Information and Catalogue: To receive detailed pricing information for our motorized fire dampers, ventilation grilles for fire doors, and intumescent fire collars for soil pipes, we invite you to create a personal login on our website. By doing so, you gain exclusive access to download the Rf-t catalogue, price list, and essential classification documents for all our products. Stay informed and make well-informed decisions to enhance the fire safety of your premises.

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