Topland’s 221-bed Maldron Brighton seafront hotel

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Tony Readdy

Technical Sales Expert UK

Rf-t Products used:

560 zenix 1 fd modules
full zenix controlling panel
zenix 500 + zenix 100

Integration of ZENiX Monitoring & controlling in the Hotel Ventilation and Fire Damper System

Work has begun on the new Maldron Brighton hotel, a 221-bed seafront property which is set for completion in 2024.

Contractor CField Construction has broken ground on the new hotel on behalf of developer and investor Topland – one of the UK’s largest privately-owned real estate groups.

The hotel will be operated by Dalata Hotel Group, which is Ireland’s largest hotel group and operates 50 hotels in Ireland, the UK and Germany. The site will be operated under its Maldron brand and is part of a wider Topland-owned hospitality scheme at Brighton’s seafront.

The site also includes the 323-bed Hilton Brighton Metropole which is currently undergoing refurbishment. Topland’s total commitment to the Brighton projects will be in excess of £55 million.

As a standalone new build, Maldron Brighton will be the first Maldron in the south of England and will retain a series of Grade II-listed facades, as well as bar and dining facilities and an open courtyard at ground level along with cycle storage.

The integration of Zenix products into the ventilation and fire damper system of the upcoming Maldron Brighton hotel represents a state-of-the-art solution for fire safety and control. A total of 560 Zenix 1 FD modules, along with the comprehensive Zenix controlling panel featuring Zenix-500 and Zenix-100 controllers, will be deployed to ensure the highest standards of safety and operational efficiency.

Zenix-100 Controller:

The ZENiX-100 controller, serving as the master controller in the system, plays a pivotal role in monitoring and controlling various components. Specifically designed to oversee fire dampers, smoke control dampers, smoke shutters, digital inputs, and outputs, the ZENiX-100 is a versatile solution. With the capacity to handle up to 100 field devices, it provides a robust foundation for the hotel’s fire safety infrastructure. Multiple ZENiX-100 controllers can be seamlessly interconnected into a single network, enhancing scalability and adaptability.

Zenix-500 Controller:

Complementing the ZENiX-100, the ZENiX-500 controller serves as another master controller within the system. Offering increased capacity, it can efficiently manage up to 500 field devices. Similar to the ZENiX-100, the ZENiX-500 is equipped to monitor and control fire dampers, smoke control dampers, smoke shutters, as well as digital inputs and outputs. Its flexibility extends to the option of utilizing pre-programmed basic fire scenarios or configuring elaborate multiple scenarios (matrix). This adaptability makes the ZENiX-500 suitable for stand-alone use or seamless integration into a Building Management System (BMS) through a BACnet IP connection.

Zenix 1 FD Modules:

The heart of the fire damper control lies in the Zenix 1 FD modules, specifically designed as “1FD field devices.” These modules excel in monitoring and controlling motorized fire dampers equipped with 230 V actuators. Notably, these field devices require no configuration, as they come with predefined device addresses. This simplifies the installation process and ensures swift integration into the overall fire safety network of the hotel.

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In conclusion, the incorporation of Zenix products into the ventilation and fire damper system of the Maldron Brighton hotel underscores a commitment to cutting-edge technology and uncompromising safety standards. The synergy between the Zenix-100 and Zenix-500 controllers, along with the efficiency of the Zenix 1 FD modules, establishes a robust foundation for fire safety, offering scalability, adaptability, and ease of integration. As the hotel strives to provide a secure and modern environment for its guests, the Zenix solution stands as a testament to innovation and reliability in fire safety technology.

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